A lot of traveling

I've been traveling a lot lately, you might have noticed how I have been unable to update the blog frequently. Here is a quick update of where science has taken me.


Dresden - There I visited the group of Wanter Strunz. They are experts in open quantum systems and quantum optics, and we had much to discuss about open systems with initial system-environment correlations. Dresden has some stunning architecture.

Ulm - Susana Huelga invited me to the beautiful city of Ulm. I'm friends with many people in her group, and this was a great opportunity to catch up, and discuss some new research ideas.


Hong Kong - GuanHua Chen invited to Hong Kong University where we worked together on open quantum systems, master equations and quantum transport. Also, during these days, I was able to participate in the CECAM Workshop on Simulating and Modeling Emerging Electronics. This was a fantastic conference where I learned about the challenges of nano-electronics. This was a fun and intense visit. Fun, because Hong Kong is a very fun city to explore, and has amazing food. Intense, because the conference was very productive, with a lot of ideas flying around.

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